• Redesign Your D.N.A Through A Plant Based Lifestyle™


    DNA is the molecule that carries the genetic instructions for growth, development and reproduction of all living organisms, passed down from our mothers and fathers. Our DNA, we’ve be taught, is predetermined, so whatever genetic fate has been passed to us is our burden to bear, no matter how healthy our current lifestyle may be. 


     What we were never taught is that our DNA has innate functions, but some facets of its functionality can be changed, similar to how a light switch, by design, switches off and on, but can be dimmed and brightened by the turning of a lever. By shifting our internal and external environment through the foods we eat and the thoughts we think... 


    Many of the current states of illness we live in; its habits and its manifestations have been passed down to us because no one in our blood line has unlocked the key to releasing it, no one has had the courage to ask if it can be done...until now. Epigenetics (epi; prefix meaning on or over) is the science of changing certain aspects of our DNA above how we’ve been taught it functions...but how?


    I invite you to attend one of my live workshops to learn more about how YOU can finally Redesign Your D.N.A Through A Plant Based Lifestyle™ so you may choose to experience life the way it was intended.

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